2013 Wedding Trends To Consider



Each new year, different trends become noticeable at weddings. Of course, there are some elements of weddings that remain somewhat unchanged, due to popularly established traditions. On the other hand though, many aspects of weddings move in trends – for example, different locations become popular for ceremonies, different styles of clothing become fashionable for the wedding party, etc. Along these lines, here are some noteworthy wedding trends for the coming year.


Choices For Bridesmaids

One of the most noteworthy wedding trends over the past year or so that figures to continue in 2013 is to offer more stylistic choice to bridesmaids. For example, in many weddings, bridesmaids are being given a colour – rather than a dress – to wear. This allows each individual bridesmaid to choose a dress style that is personally flattering, but keeps the bridal party in “uniform,” so to speak, with a matching colour scheme.


Lace In Dresses

Lace is always popular as an element of wedding dresses, but it seems to be getting more prominent in both dresses and decorations. Dresses with full backs of lace, or even long lace sleeves are becoming trendier, and lace patterns are also popping up on cake ornaments and various other wedding decorations.


Coloured Gemstones

Likely due in large part to the famed sapphire engagement ring worn by Duchess Kate in the UK (and formerly worn by Princess Diana), coloured gemstones on engagement rings are making a comeback. Coloured diamonds, sapphires, and various other options are all being considered for engagement rings, meaning that couples now have even more variety to choose from when selecting these important pieces of jewellery!


Alternative Desserts

While wedding cakes remain the standard traditional dessert items for most weddings, many couples are beginning to experiment with alternative dessert options. Whether this means having a few smaller cakes (instead of one enormous one), an array of ornate cupcakes, or even a selection of pies, the concept is usually aimed at providing wedding guests with some choice in their dessert.


Late Night Food Trucks

Another food-related trend that seems to be growing in popularity is the idea of late night food trucks at the reception. If your reception lasts late into the night, guests will be dancing, drinking, and socializing for many hours following dinner, and will likely work up appetites! Providing some special late night food options such as unique or gourmet food trucks can be a great, fun touch for everyone to enjoy.


Eternity Wedding Bands

Eternity rings are those which have diamonds set around the entire band, and symbolize lasting commitment. More and more frequently, brides are using such rings as wedding band options. And, while this can be a more expensive option than other wedding bands, you can find eternity rings for near wholesale prices at online sources like 77Diamonds, rather than inflated prices in jewellery stores.


Weekend Events

Finally, weddings are increasingly taking place on weekends, as longer events. In some cases a weekend event is a lot to ask of your guests, but if it can be managed it is a perfect opportunity to turn a wedding into a mini-vacation, and spend some real time with your friends and family. This is particularly relevant for destination weddings.

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